New Lightroom Workshops 2019

DeCordova Museum, Two Big Black Hearts, Jim Dine, 1985                                                     ©2017 Kathy Tarantola

Beat those March Cabin-Fever Cold-Weather Blues and come learn Lightroom!

March 2019 Lightroom Saturday Series at Digital Silver Imaging

  • March 16 – Lightroom 101 and Beyond

  • March 23 – Lightroom Develop Intensive

  • March 30 – Output – Book Making and Portfolio Prints

Each workshop runs from 12-5 pm

Fee for a single course is $149*

*Purchase all three workshops for $399 and save $48




  • Please be aware – If you have the cloud based version, which is simply called Lightroom CC, that is a very different program and we won’t be covering it.


Workshop Details:

Lightroom Classic 101 – Basics and Beyond

Saturday, March 16, 2019 12-5 PM

This workshop will give you a working knowledge of Lightroom, the leading editing and processing program for photo professionals and enthusiasts alike. We will cover both the Library and Develop modules. In the Library module we will cover the best workflow practices of importing, organizing, renaming, using stars and color labels for rating, and keywording and metadata for search simplicity. You will learn how to work through large shoots efficiently with synchronized settings and presets, and how to use Collections for creating virtual folders of your images for major efficiency. Then, with the Develop Module, let the fun begin! Learn the quick and easy tips for editing your work, beginning with learning to evaluate any image and using the tools to make portfolio quality images.

We will take several images through the entire editing workflow, reviewing tools as we go. Topics emphasized will be based on student needs. You will have time to practice with your own images, ask questions, and get feedback on your work.

Library Module

  • Import process
  • Organizing
  • Renaming
  • Presets
  • Metadata and Keywording
  • Using ratings and filters
  • Collections
  • Searching
  • Exporting
  • Mastering good workflow practices

Develop Module

  • Learn to evaluate your photos for the best creative decisions
  • Perfect, exposure, tone, clarity and color
  • Making local adjustments with the Adjustment brush, Radial and Graduated Filters
  • Applying sharpening and noise reduction
  • Correcting lens distortion
  • Using virtual copies and snapshots
  • Making great black and white conversions
  • Presets for creative developing

No prior experience with Lightroom is necessary; however a working knowledge of computers is necessary for you to get the most from this workshop. A laptop computer loaded with a Lightroom CLASSIC CC is required. You can download a trial version at


Lightroom Develop Module Intensive

Saturday, March 23, 2019 12-5 PM

In this Develop Module intensive, we will cover many of the features that make Lightroom an amazing and powerful processor of digital images. We will continue learning the tools and delve deeper into the tips and tricks to enhance your images quickly and with stunning results. We will also delve into the Export feature and create export presets to streamline your process. Learn how to seamlessly work between Lightroom and Photoshop.

Using your own images with help along the way, you will walk away with hands-on knowledge and the ability to quickly make your images ready for exhibition or to make the perfect photo book or slide show.

Topics include

  • Perfecting tone and color in each photo
  • Applying sharpening and noise reduction
  • Correcting lens distortion and chromatic aberration
  • Global vs Local corrections
  • Powerful local editing tools
  • Cropping, Spot removal, Graduated and Radial Filters, Adjustment Brush
  • Hue, Saturation, Luminance panel
  • Using the Tone Curve for precise adjustments
  • Color or luminance masking
  • Post crop vignetting and the dehaze filter
  • Making great black and white conversions
  • Creative presets – use LR templates or create your own
  • Learn how Photoshop still fits easily into your workflow
  • Soft Proofing for printing


Lightroom Output -Book Making and Printing






Saturday, March 30, 2019 12-5 PM

In this output workshop, we will cover two exceptional ways to share your images with the world, making exhibition quality prints or creating a multipage book.

Topics include

  • Import process, applying metadata during import
  • Organizing – making a folder structure that works for you
  • Viewing Modes
  • Renaming, creating new folders, moving files
  • Removing vs Deleting files
  • Metadata and Keywording
  • Using star ratings and color labels
  • Searching / Filtering – how to find anything!
  • Collections & Smart Collections to organize multiple projects
  • Exporting – export presets
  • Mastering good workflow practices

 Link to sign up – COMING SOON

Location: Digital Silver Imaging, 9 Brighton Street, Belmont, MA

Each workshop runs from 12-5 pm

Fee for a single course is $149*

*Purchase all three workshops for $399 and save $48