PhotoJourneys Workshops first year a success!





Hi everyone,

I am so delighted that the first year of PhotoJourneys full schedule of workshops was a success. I ran three half-day classes as well as one weekend workshop on the Cape in Sept; a sunset class on the Boston Waterfront in May, and two mid-day photo walks in June, one in Salem, and another in the Boston Public Garden. Then there’s my freelance work, including photography at the Peabody Essex Museum, teaching Lightroom workshops, presenting a program on Panoramic Photography at the New England Camera Club Convention this summer, as well as to some individual clubs. Wow, I’m tired just thinking about it!

But how exciting and rewarding for me. I feel lucky to be able to meet so many of you great photo enthusiasts and try to bring a bit of my knowledge and experience to share.

I have just posted new Lightroom classes for 2016, which will be held at Digital Silver Imaging. Being an Adobe Certified Lightroom instructor means keeping up with the new version updates and fixes, so I took a couple of workshops at the PhotoPlus East convention in NYC this past October, one with Julianne Kost, the head Adobe Evangalista, and one with Katrin Eismann, who heads the photography department at the School of Visual Art in NYC. Both are incredible teachers and I not only learned technique, but style, so thanks ladies! And now I have more to share with you. Besides classes, I also teach Lightroom privately and this year have helped some clients move from Aperture, which is no longer supported by Apple, into Lightroom with only a few minor headaches. I sure wish these software programs wouldn’t specifically choose to NOT be compatible. It’s like the Canon and Nikon brands everything is opposite competition.

We are in the planning stages for 2016, so stay tuned!

Thanks everyone!

Kathy Tarantola